beauty of nature

If you think that my art is abut symbols or deeper inner meanings you should look at it again. ūüôā If there are flowers, when its about entery beauty of what nature can gave to us. The bloom of irises is fulfilled with bright colours and sensuality in veins in flower leaves. If you lookContinue reading “beauty of nature”

Peonies and other sweets

Good evening.¬†My¬†name¬†is¬†Ilze, and¬†I¬†am¬†addicted¬†to peonies painting.¬†And¬†I¬†think¬†It’s getting worse.¬† Now¬†I¬†can’t decide which¬†one¬†of¬†new¬†ones¬†I¬†want¬†to finish first so¬†I¬†paint¬†them together.¬†There¬†is¬†no such a¬†thing¬†as too much sweetness in¬†life.¬†I¬†put¬†on¬†music¬†and colours start there dance on¬†canvas,¬†flowers¬†and sweets become alive… Ok, to be true – borders between good and bad taste always charming me. Could it be more sugar in my paintings? What do you think…. PutContinue reading “Peonies and other sweets”

Interior design

BEYOND THE TIME if you want to find out more about this project, click the link above Apartment in the centre of Riga Apartment for two… The interior of my house. It changes all the time. I paint surfaces and details, change draperies and textiles and my home becomes a living being. Interior design andContinue reading “Interior design”