The Pet

What brings you joy, make fulfillment, make you laugh like a bird in spring. What makes your monochrome days brighter and gives you strength to pull yourself up and believe in dreams again and again no matter how often you lose that battle between daily routine and enjoyment of delight and living itself. And if we found ourself deep in a sin of pleasures, we need a good restart – make some destructions in life – like diets, or trip to India (to make sure happiness in poorness is possible) or some other abstinence. For me it’s like we need to get ourselves feel innocent again to make our tongues sence taste of sweetness with fresh fruits, touch of the sun who gently scratches the skin in middle of summer, hear birds whispers again in early spring, smell of flowers who managed their way trough cold ground to bring land in blossom, and enjoy view of sea who always changing her mood in front of as…. When you become innocent again, like a child, you can experience all this beauty of life again like you did it in first time. Who doesn’t want that…?

There are many myths about unicorns, but one of my favorites is about impurity versus chastity and innocence . When water in a well becomes dirty you need just one unicorn who puts his horn in water and it turns out clear. When virgin gets impure she seduces a unicorn who lie down his head in her lap, and she found herself innocent like Eve in Paradise garden before she tried to taste forbidden fruit.


When I painted “My Pet” I thought about how we all need that magic horn in our lives who helps us feel unique and innocent again no matter what we came through and help us found purity of pleasure all over again.

My friend with my pet at my studio


Published by Ilze Krastina

Human in Art

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