Sweets for sale

Maria Theresa mother of Queen of France Marie Antoinette wrote to her daughter who have recently arrived in France at age of 14 to marry the future Louis XVI and there already was a bug about her for wearing extravagant dresses – 

“A beautiful young woman, a graceful queen, has no need for such madness. On the contrary, simplicity of dress is more befitting and more worthy of a queen. I love my little queen and watch everything you do and feel I must not hesitate to draw your attention to this little frivolity”

Oh, Theresa, you should know that nobody can’t tell the Queen what to do or wear…  If it wasn’t enough with baroque style – ornate decorations, rich, dark fabrics, and elaborate, heavy designs dominated courtier couture – Maria brought frivolity in to life. I believe every woman dreams about it, no matter where and with whom she lives.

If life isn’t easy for you let’s live like a queen of rococo with pastel colours, more revealing frocks, and lots of frills, ruffles, bows, and lace and of course so much-needed frivolity for life.

What do you think, it’s not too much? NEVER, if we talk about sweets, art and fashion. Life is too short to be grey or, as Maria Antoinette said – Let them eat the cake.

“SWEETIE”, 1m diameter

“My tastes are not those of the king, who has none, except for hunting and mechanic’s labour.” Maria Antoinette

Published by Ilze Krastina

Human in Art

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